Iran Calls Report Of Secret Deal To Buy Kazakh Uranium 'Baseless'

ahmadinejadIran has described as "baseless" a report that it is seeking to clandestinely import 1,350 tons of purified uranium ore from Kazakhstan.


Link To Iran Spoils Kazatomprom Party

yadertabletKazakhstan has taken on a new role as the world in uranium production -- and the achievement could not have happened at a worse time. (photo: A worker at Kazakhstan's Ulba Metallurgical Works shows nuclear fuel pellets.)


Kazakh Ombudsman asks his Thai counterpart to assist in objective solution of the case connected with arrest of 4 Kazakh pilots

ekipajHuman Rights Commissioner of Kazakhstan has sent a letter to the Ombudsman of the Kingdom of Thailand in which he asks to provide assistance in ensuring all-round and objective consideration of the incident connected by arrest of four Kazakh pilots.


Cash Master Ablyazov's Beautiful Laundrette - II

ablyazov2It is like Doctor Faustus' pact with Mephistopholes: immediate benefit to be paid for in treacherous longer-term loss. But should the pact, preliminarily agreed upon between the current state-controlled board of BTA Bank, materialise, those who created the current mess will still be in charge of the process getting out of it. A mere glance at BTA's figures still looks very much like an anti-Hamlet scenario - with the Danish royalty surviving, Duncan holding the strings from abroad and no Fortinbras available to make a fresh re-start. Will the rest be silence...?


Cash Master Ablyazov's Beautiful Laundrette - I

ablyazov395A ten-billion-dollar kickback is something in America these days is likely to be considered a mere trifle in the face of a multi-trillion black hole in the system. For Kazakhstan, the country's largest bank's misappropriation's costs are an open wound in the population's households that will keep bleeding for years to come. The key to the issue is the man who holds the dagger and his name is Mukhtar Ablyazov, now huddling up in the plush of London Town with the likes of his fellow embezzler Boris Berezovsky. Will he end up as a Kazakh variant of the latter, or as a Kazakh Khodorkovsky?


Electric railway connects Xinjiang and Kazakhstan

The first electric train in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region left Jinghe county in northwest Xinjiang at 11:00 in the morning on Friday, bound for the town of Horgos, on the Chinese border with Kazakhstan, according to a report from cnr.cn.



BP sells stakes in CPC, Tengiz to Russian Lukoil

BP sold its interest in Kazakhstan's Tengiz oil field and the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) to Russian Lukoil, as it completed the long-awaited exit from Kazakhstan.


Shipment bound for Middle East

marchrutCrew deny knowing plane carried weapons




samoletorujieThai authorities have seized tonnes of weapons from an eastern European plane travelling from North Korea.


Kazakh uranium boss trial to proceed

dzhakishev_mukhtarA criminal case against Mukhtar Dzhakishev, the former head of Kazakhstan's state uranium firm Kazatomprom, will proceed to court.


Russians Flock to EU Court in Long-Shot Bids to Topple Sanctions

Russians Flock to EU Court in Long-Shot Bids to Topple Sanctions

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Dictators’ funds in Switzerland – the biggest scandals

Dictators’ funds in Switzerland – the biggest scandals

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The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for Kazakhstan’s Energy Sector

The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for Kazakhstan’s Energy Sector

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