Civil suit becomes Kazakh soap opera with Trump…

The interests of a wealthy Kazakh fugitive, a company tied to disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and the Trump Organization...

Akezhan Kazhegeldin: "The people themselves are still the…

Ermurat Bapi interviews Akezhan Kazhegeldin.


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kaz1Kazakhstan’s long-heralded stability is being challenged by growing economic problems, societal frustrations, and rising nationalism.

astanaJared Genser’s firm described Iskander Yerimbetov as “a hostage” of the Kazakh state who had been subjected to torture.

RTS1G6DG e1516892487832Despite what you might gather from recent reports, democracy is not “in crisis” because Russia (a country facing a massive HIV epidemic) or China (a country facing huge looming demographic problems) has a better economic or political model.

kazakhstan army beretta arxEven with its economy still recovering from the collapse of oil prices in 2014 Kazakhstan is laying the groundwork for a self-sufficient domestic arms industry that may soon export its wares. In December 2017 the defense minister met with the French ambassador, Philippe Martinet, to sign a “military cooperation agreement.”

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4781897200000578 5203037 image a 24 1513876781584President Donald Trump said he has “no idea” whether money from Kazakhstan was invested in Trump SoHo, a condominium hotel in lower Manhattan, while meeting with the country’s authoritarian president.

104948829 rsz gettyimages 905677630.530x298President Donald Trump hosted the president of Kazakhstan on Tuesday at the White House, where the official agenda included Afghanistan and nuclear nonproliferation.

241214012‘Whataboutism’ would seem to be the rising topic of the week, as this column considers irrespective of whether President Donald Trump is any far more deplorable than his the latest predecessors.

Radio Asiatic 640x360 1Following bloody clashes between ethnic Uyghurs and Han Chinese in the city of Urumchi, in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, in the summer of 2009, Beijing resorted to both carrot and stick policies to secure stability in this volatile territory.

nursultan nazarbayev 1Following the first Anglo-Afghan war, London pursued a policy of  “masterly inactivity.” This policy allowed Czarist Russia’s unchecked adventurism to annex the legendary Khanates of Khiva, Bokhara and Kokand, an area roughly half the size of the United States.