Civil suit becomes Kazakh soap opera with Trump…

The interests of a wealthy Kazakh fugitive, a company tied to disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and the Trump Organization...

Akezhan Kazhegeldin: "The people themselves are still the…

Ermurat Bapi interviews Akezhan Kazhegeldin.


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1276187222Even after a week of inquiries, investigators in Kazakhstan appear to be no closer to discovering the identity of the buyer of a 65 million euro ($76.5 million) apartment in Paris. Real estate insiders have said the property was sold to a Kazakh government official, but declined to provide a name.

e77c80691ecad20dc55b5b7ffe732372When talking about external threats to the Eurasian economic Union, often focuses on the geopolitical aspirations of the United States, NATO and other Western integration projects, as well as on the ideology of radical Islamism. Some argue about the possible expansion of China, someone calls the main threat to climate and environmental changes in the region and the world. With all this, aside from public attention remain geopolitical ambitions of Turkey.

PlazaAthenee EiffelView3Kazakhstan is abuzz with this week’s supposed revelations about how a government official bought an apartment in Paris for a whopping 65 million euros ($76.5 million). After initially scoffing at the reports, authorities have now begun to take an active interest.

sermataevA court in Kazakhstan has ordered the release on parole of a prominent journalist who was sentenced last October to serve six years in prison on fraud charges.

thediplomat 2016 11 14 16 26 02 386x238Meanwhile, “cautious optimism” about Uzbekistan and a quick lesson on Soviet history in the region; weekend reading.

thediplomat deputy crown prince mohammad bin salman bin abdulaziz al saud participates in the counter isil ministerial plenary session flickr u.s. department of state 386x257The success or failure of Saudi Arabia’s reform campaign will have huge ramifications for China.

redsqRussian policy based on its misreading of the West, and especially on its misunderstanding of its own neighbors, can only frustrate.

photo 130235An escalating diplomatic and trade dispute between Kazakhstan and its smaller central Asian neighbour Kyrgyzstan is hurting companies as far away as London, and pressure is growing on Russia to step in and reconcile its allies.

hclintFor close to a year, the U.S.-Russian focus has centered around whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in an effort to undermine Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.


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