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How Kazakhstan became more Kazakh

The economist

Money for migration changed the face of a nation

All of the costs, none of the benefits: How inequality, abuse and corporate greed have contributed to discontent in Kazakhstan

CSTO collective peacekeeping forces in Kaza.max 1300x900

Dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries as authorities opened fire on protestors. Violence erupting through tear gas. Rubber bullets, followed by live ammunition. Journalists beaten and detained. Pervasive fear, even among those who have hidden inside.

Analysis: Central Asian countries need to remain focused on reforms despite new security threats

Heads of Central Asia countries on summit August 2021

The dust from the sudden Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has not settled yet, and it is likely that new turmoil is just round the corner. But the fallout of the crisis on neighbouring countries can already be felt, and much more can be anticipated.

Russia seeks to accelerate old Soviet state union

Putin online

Moscow is moving to transform the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) into a more unified political and economic bloc, an apparent response to perceived Western pressure against the grouping. 

Fugitive kleptocrat supports protest in Kazakhstan

Maks Bokayev

Police in Kazakhstan detained dozens of protesters on Sunday (28 February) who were calling for the release of political prisoners in line with a resolution passed by the European Parliament.

On the steppe

Lenin monument in Kazakhstan

 Torn between China and Russia, and haunted by the ghosts of its communist past, Kazakhstan has taken an authoritarian turn.

Kazakhstan: Troubled Nazarbayev grandson dies aged 29

Aysultan Nazarbayev


Nazarbayev’s online outbursts showed that a ruling family is not always a happy one.

Kazakhstan: Ruling party's coronavirus philanthropy falls flat

Birgemiz help

 Birgemiz, a charitable foundation set up in March by the former president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, was meant to be a feel-good exercise in solidarity.


Mukhtar Ablyazov

There is distinct group in immigrant community from the former USSR. Many of those who pretend that they fled and left all belongings behind came with wealth of at least unexplained origin.

Protests in Kazakhstan Disrupted With Arrests

Police wearing face masks to protect against coronavirus, detain protesters during an unsanctioned protest in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Saturday, June 6, 2020.  Credit: AP Photo/Vladimir Tretyakov

Kazakhstan, like many corners of the world this past weekend, was the site of protests.

Russians Flock to EU Court in Long-Shot Bids to Topple Sanctions

Russians Flock to EU Court in Long-Shot Bids to Topple Sanctions

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Dictators’ funds in Switzerland – the biggest scandals

Dictators’ funds in Switzerland – the biggest scandals

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The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for Kazakhstan’s Energy Sector

The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for Kazakhstan’s Energy Sector

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