China's Belt and Road sparks battle of the breadbaskets

20171127 Kazakh grain article main imageNew infrastructure helps ex-Soviet grain exporters reach Asian markets

Fuel Crisis Hits Kazakhstan Hard

kzneftDespite being the second-largest oil producer and exporter in the former Soviet Union, only behind Russia, Kazakhstan has been historically plagued by chronic deficits of fuel for domestic consumption. National energy security is at the top of the country’s priority list, yet little progress has been made since independence to address this concern.

U.S. Charges Rolls-Royce Employees With Bribing Kazakh, Azerbaijani Officials

1C8F38FB 89B8 4C4F BF63 BB27B6E9EE70 w1023 r1 sThe United States has unveiled criminal charges against five people accused of involvement in a bribery scheme to help British defense giant Rolls-Royce win energy-related contracts in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and other countries.

Kazakhstan must do more to convince foreign investors

20171006 Kazatomprom article main imagePrivatization drive confronts wariness about state intentions

Interpol needs to stop helping dictators

Huawei staffInterpol, the international police organization, has just concluded its annual meeting in Beijing.

The Diamond Club: Belgium’s True Lawmakers

DIMONDSBEAntwerp World Diamond Centre , Servais Verherstraeten, Axel Haelterman, Raf Verstraeten, Catherine Degoul, Patokh Chodiev, diamonds, Kazakhgate

Kazakhstan and Eurasia new oil consortium in a multi-billion Caspian project

b 350 250 16777215 00 images caspian sea mapIn a move presented as glorious and spectacular, oil companies from Russia (Rosneft), China (CNPC), Kazakhstan (Kazmunaygas), Azerbaijan (SOCAR) and Italy (Eni) have teamed up to form a consortium for the exploration and exploitation of what is expected to be a new “giant” located in the very heart of the northern Caspian tectonic structure.

Copper and the Making of Kazakhstan's New Metal Moguls

metalkzCommodity prices have found a “new normal” but copper is doing much better.

Russian Railpolitick and China’s Belt and Road

pAn old Chinese proverb would be best amended to go something like this: if you want China to be rich, you must first build roads. Unfortunately, a road or railway is useless unless you own and can legally operate a fleet of trucks, locomotives, and rolling stock to ply the routes.

Managing the Resource Curse: Strategies of Oil-Dependent Economies in the Modern Era

moderneraThis is the first in a series of studies conducted as part of a program to analyze historical precedents and develop recommendations on how to diversify resource-based economies.

Russians Flock to EU Court in Long-Shot Bids to Topple Sanctions

Russians Flock to EU Court in Long-Shot Bids to Topple Sanctions

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Dictators’ funds in Switzerland – the biggest scandals

Dictators’ funds in Switzerland – the biggest scandals

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The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for Kazakhstan’s Energy Sector

The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for Kazakhstan’s Energy Sector

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