Here are the oligarchs connected to Trump and his campaign

trampagalarovPresident Trump says he surrounds himself with the best people, though the cast of characters around him and his campaign has also included a very particular subset, post-Soviet oligarchs.

The unsolved mystery of who owns Sherlock Holmes’s original £130 million home

quarz baker street020So reads the blue plaque on this pretty Georgian terraced house, home to London’s Sherlock Holmes Museum. In a city of storied buildings, the home of the fictional detective is as famous as they come.

Switzerland conducts investigation against former Almaty (Kazakhstan) mayor and family

khrapunovssThe Geneva Prosecutor’s Office is conducting its own investigation against Viktor Khrapunov, his wife Leila Khrapunova and stepson Ilyas Khrapunov, reports. The criminal case is now at the stage of pre-trial investigation.

Ex-Kazakh Mayor Slapped in New York Suit on Looted Billions

hrapunovvicAs the ex-mayor of Almaty, Kazakhstan, battles allegations that his family systematically looted hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds, a U.S. magistrate approved sanctions Monday against this mayor’s son.

U.S. court rules in favour of $520 million arbitration against Kazakhstan

Anatolie Stati A court in the United States has ruled in favour of a Moldovan businessman seeking to enforce a $520 million arbitration award against Kazakhstan.

Frontmen for shell companies could face jail in UK property crackdown

houseskinsingtonFrontmen of foreign shell companies that are used to hide the true ownership of some of London’s most expensive properties could face up to two years in jail and unlimited fines under new government plans.

How Putin cronies BOUGHT London: One spent £250m on property in the capital in a year, another owns the city's biggest private house (apart from Buckingham Palace)... So will they now face a financial crackdown?

putinshuvalovBuilt in the style of a French chateau, with a palatial roofline rising high over the River Thames, Whitehall Court is one of Britain’s grandest private buildings.

Kazakhstan: Two High-Profile Trials Conclude with Jailings

murathantakThe convictions close the book on corruption and murder trials that have exposed the rot within the system.

Kazakhs Sue a Kleptocrat, Trump Friend

berthelsen kazakhsA scandal involving fraud, racketeering and theft that features ties to President Donald Trump and a notorious Cyprus bank is playing out in a Los Angeles federal court, where a former Kazakhstan politician and his family are accused of laundering at least US$300 million in stolen government funds.

£22m homes are first to be hit by ‘McMafia’ law

14120482 low res mcmafiaTwo homes worth £22 million and owned by a foreign tycoon today became the first to be targeted using a new law to tackle “McMafia” style criminals in Britain.

Russians Flock to EU Court in Long-Shot Bids to Topple Sanctions

Russians Flock to EU Court in Long-Shot Bids to Topple Sanctions

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Dictators’ funds in Switzerland – the biggest scandals

Dictators’ funds in Switzerland – the biggest scandals

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The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for Kazakhstan’s Energy Sector

The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for Kazakhstan’s Energy Sector

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