It is time for an International Anti-Corruption Court

statecaptureThis need is especially pertinent when it occurs in states in which the criminal justice administration is not up to the task of preventing, combating, investigating and prosecuting those involved in grand corruption.

Money-laundering crackdown on public schools and law firms

benwallaceEstate agents, high street solicitors and accountants who facilitate about £100bn of money-laundering in the UK but are failing to report suspicious activity face a crackdown under a government drive against economic crime.

Jewellery linked to £16m Harrods woman seized

jewellery compo againThe jewellery seized by officers: A diamond cluster and bar necklace, a magic Alhambra bracelet, a diamond Panthere pendant and a sapphire and ruby serpent pendantNCA
The 49 items of jewellery were seized by officers on Tuesday as part of a continuing investigation

The Unexplained Wealth Order legislation and London’s financial aristocracy

azeibarzhbankkorrZamira Hajiyeva, the wife of former Azerbaijani state banker Jahangir Hajiyev, is the first person to be investigated by Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) under an Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO).

Telia to Pay US$ 965 Million to Resolve Karimova Bribery Case

gulnarakarimovaNordic telecommunications firm Telia Company will pay the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Dutch and Swedish regulators US$ 965 million to resolve bribery allegations previously investigated by OCCRP in 2015.

UK Urges Private Schools to Help Crackdown on Money Laundering

poundsPrivate schools in the UK have been urged to make sure wealthy parents are not using laundered money to pay for their children’s education, The Financial Times reported.

New Study at Caltech Says Politicians’ Faces Can Reveal Corruption

PAKISTAN Nawaz Sharif1154okWant to know if a politician is corrupt? Look at his face.

A new party would just be a Blairite tribute act, discredited from the start

tonyfriendTony Blair – friend to dictators, enemy of socialist principles – wants a breakaway party. It would be a vehicle for the powerful

Bribery Trial to Start Against Swedish Telecom Bosses

640px Larsboda TeliaSonera 2012A massive corruption trial is to kick off on Tuesday, involving hundreds of millions of dollars in alleged bribes, top executives of Sweden's largest telecommunications company and the jet-set daughter of the late president of Uzbekistan.

After Cohen/Manafort, we're (still) only at the beginning of #TrumpRussia

Money Laundering Flow Chart 1

Just as a reminder of how far we’ve come, and have so much further to go in #TrumpRussia. And Mueller’s following the money is a specialty of the FBI/DoJ.

Russians Flock to EU Court in Long-Shot Bids to Topple Sanctions

Russians Flock to EU Court in Long-Shot Bids to Topple Sanctions

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Dictators’ funds in Switzerland – the biggest scandals

Dictators’ funds in Switzerland – the biggest scandals

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The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for Kazakhstan’s Energy Sector

The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for Kazakhstan’s Energy Sector

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