Kazakh democratic public appeals to US Congress, US Justice Department
"Kazakhgate" scandal is widely covered in foreign press

Roll Call, 29 January 2001

(Roll Call, 15 January 2001)

US Congress
US Department of Justice

The democratic public in Kazakhstan is closely following the investigation being conducted by the US Department of Justice. This scandal named "Kazakhgate" has been broadly covered by Western mass media. American Justice is trying to determine how, with the assistance of US Citizen James Giffen, advisor to the President of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbaev, hundred of millions US dollars have been transferred over several years through Swiss banks, Caribbean companies and funds registered in Liechtenstein into private accounts of key political figures of Kazakhstan. It has become known to us that should the investigation be able to prove the guilt of those American and Kazakh suspects in this case, who managed to create an international system of corruption and blackmail in order to get access to Kazakhstan oil, and a system of laundering of this money, then all the funds on the arrested accounts will be confiscated in full. As a result, all of the Kazakh population, that is in a miserable condition now, will suffer again for the crimes committed by several high-ranked Kazakh figures who made fortunes selling natural resources and deposits belonging to the country.

We do not have any grounds to distrust the sincerity of US politicians’ efforts to eradicate corruption not only in their own country but also in those countries where this disease is brought forth by the authorities themselves. Besides, this corruption destroys the system of government of Kazakhstan, it affects business negatively, including foreign investment. The case with American oil companies is one more proof that the corrupt practices could become the norm even for American companies. We have a saying that a bad example can be contagious. The danger is that the negative lessons learned abroad by American businessman may be domesticated in the US as well.

We support the efforts of the US Congress and prosecutors in their fight against the common enemy - corruption. Our address is by no means an attempt to intervene in the process of American justice. We only want to bring to American politicians and prosecutors' attention the point of view of the democratic public in Kazakhstan that they cannot accept that all the Kazakh people should suffer due to the fault of certain mercenary Kazakh politicians and corrupt American businessmen. We would not want hundreds of million dollars paid by western companies as bonuses for oil extraction in Kazakhstan to be confiscated. We think that the Kazakh people have a right to this money, and therefore the money has to be returned to its rightful owner. The return of this money to our country, in form of pensions, subsidies, stipends, allotments for education and culture, will get to its legal owner – the people and will be considered by these people as a most fair act.

Our concern about the situation surrounding "Kazakhgate" is also heightened by the fact that this substantially damages the prestige of our state. Kazakhstan’s reputation suffers because of dishonest acts of high-ranked officials. Therefore, we are deeply interested in a full investigation of this case and in holding the culprits responsible.

It has come to our attention that hearings on corruption in Central Asian countries may take place soon in the US Congress. In this regard, we, representatives of the democratic population of Kazakhstan, express our readiness to take part in these hearings, and to report to congress on the situation of corruption in our country. With your support of our initiative, we are ready to create an independent public fund to control the use of these funds.


1. Serikbolsyn Abdil'din, Presidential Candidate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan
2. Gennadij Beliakov, Executive Committee Chairman of the Association of Russian, Slavic and Kazakh Public Unions of Kazakhstan
3. Irina Savostina, Leader of the Republican Movement of Pensioners "Generation"
4. Ajtkali Isengulov, General-major (Ret.), President of the Republican Public Union "Union of Military on Reserve"
5. Amirzhan Kossanov, Deputy Chairman of the Republican People's Party of Kazakhstan
6. Sejdahmet Kuttykadam, Chairman of the Public Political Movement "Orleu"
7. Petr Svoik, Co-chairman of the Republican Party "Azamat"
8. Vladimir Chernyshev, Deputy First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan
9. Tatyana Kviatkovskaia, Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan
10. Valentin Makalkin, Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan
11. Isahan Alimzhanov, Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan
12. Tagir Sisinbaev, Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan
13. Serik Abdrahmanov, Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan
14. Sahip Zhanabaeva, Co-chairman of the Republican Workers' Movement "Solidarity"
15. Bahytzhamal Bekturganova, P.H.D. in Philosophy, Professor, Chairman of the Public Movement for Social, Economic and Legal Rights of Women "Women of Kazakhstan"
16. Karishal Asan Ata, Ph.D., Dissident, Prisoner of Faith, Laureate of International Hellman-Hammett Award (USA)
17. Tamara Kaleeva, President of the International Freedom of Speech Fund "Adil Soz"
18. Sergej Bondarcev, Leader of the Republican Youth Public Political Initiative "Politician"
19. Evgenij Zhovtis, Director of Kazakhstan International Bureau of Human Rights and Law Compliance, Laureate of an International Award of European Union and the USA "For Contribution to the Development of Democracy and Civil Society in Kazakhstan"
20. Nurbolat Masanov, Professor, Coordinator of the Forum of Democratic Forces in Kazakhstan ("FDSK")
21. Sergej Duvanov, Chief Editor of the Bulletin "Human Rights in Kazakhstan and in the World"
22. Bigel'dy Gabdullin - Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Republican People's Party of Kazakhstan, Chief Editor of the Independent Newspaper "XXI Century"
23. Ermurat Bapi, Chief Editor of the Independent Newspaper "SolDAT"
24. Uak Arken, Docent, Writer, Public Leader
25. Nuri Muftah, Journalist
26. Alihan Ramazanov, Chairman of the Almaty Filial of the Republican People's Party of Kazakhstan
27. Nurymzhan Mauytov, Chief Editor of the Newspaper "Today - Bugin"
28. Iurij Hramov, Pensioner
29. Aleksej Pugaev, Editor of the Bulletin "Human Rights in Kazakhstan and in the World"
30. Roza Akylbekova, Manager of the Public Reception of the International Bureau of Human Rights and Law Compliance
31. Rozlana Taukina, President of the Association of Independent Mass Media of Central Asia
32. Viktor Mihajlov, Chairman of the Republican Slavic Movement "Lad"
33. Rashid Nugmanov, Film Director

Roll Call, 29 January 2001